I met Whitney and Jamie about 8 years ago and I instantly saw their love for eachother. Time passed and our lives went separate ways but I always held a special place for them- one of those friendships that you don’t keep in touch but you see in social media and get super happy for them when you see them happy. When I got asked by Whitney to photograph their wedding and felt honoured to do so. We spent some time going through ideas, timing and plans which brought me closer to them and their life at this stage. I have to say that I am so happy to have been part of this milestone in their life, to witness the love and fun they have together and to be part of their family for the day. Their wedding was held in a beautiful and intimate setting in the forest underneath the trees with the sunlight peeking through; it was meaningful and their vows for each other made me tear up behind my camera. It was also full of amazing dance moves and fun.

Thank you guys for this beautiful experience!



Eagles Hall, Maple Ridge. BC, Canada